Kinetics and Tribological Characterization of Pack-Borided AISI 1025 Steel (Englisch)

High Temperature Materials and Processes (Online)
; 2017
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In this present study, the AISI 1025 steel was pack-borided in the temperature range of 1,123–1,273 K for different treatment times ranging from 2 to 8 h. A diffusion model was suggested to estimate the boron diffusion coefficients in the Fe2B layers. As a result, the boron activation energy for the AISI 1025 steel was estimated as 174.36 kJ/mol. This value of energy was compared with the literature data. To extend the validity of the present model, other additional boriding conditions were considered. The boride layers formed on the AISI 1025 steel were characterized by the following experimental techniques: scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction analysis and the Daimler–Benz Rockwell-C indentation technique. Finally, the scratch and pin-on-disc tests for wear resistance were achieved using an LG Motion Ltd and a CSM tribometer, respectively, under dry sliding conditions.

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Kinetics and Tribological Characterization of Pack-Borided AISI 1025 Steel
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