Feasibility Evaluation of Photogrammetry versus Coordinate Measuring Arms for the Assembly of Welded Structures (Englisch)

Advanced Materials Research
Trans Tech Publications , Stafa-Zurich, Switzerland; 2012

The present paper studies the technical feasibility of Photogrammetry and Coordinate Measuring Arms (AACMM or CMA) for the geometrical inspection of welded pins used for the assembly of medium-sized sheetmetal structures. As a result of this evaluation it was found that the deviations (measurement recorded by the device minus the nominal value of the measurement) obtained by means of Photogrammetry and the CMA were equivalent. Moreover, the number of measurements found to be out of tolerance by both methods was statistically equivalent. According to our results both methods are feasible for performing the dimensional inspection of the position of the welded cylinders of the structure as they are able to distinguish measurements inside and outside of tolerance and are equally capable of detecting the data variance.

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