Inhaltsverzeichnis – Band 36, Ausgabe 2

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Oxidative Coupling of Methane on Oxygen-Semipermeable Yttria-Doped Bismuth Oxide Ceramics in a Reducing Atmosphere
Zeng, Y. / Lin, Y. S. | 1997
Characterization and Activity of Ferric-Sulfide-Based Catalyst in Model Reactions of Direct Coal Liquefaction:  Effect of Preparation Conditions
Chadha, Ajay / Stinespring, Charter D. / Stiller, Alfred H. / Zondlo, John W. / Dadyburjor, Dady B. | 1997
A Study of Macrosegregation in Low-Density Polyethylene Autoclave Reactors by Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling
Tosun, Güray / Bakker, André | 1997
Iron-Based Catalysts Supported on Carbon Nanoparticles of Hollow Structure for Coal Liquefaction
Sakanishi, Kinya / Taniguchi, Hideki / Hasuo, Haru-umi / Mochida, Isao | 1997
Kinetics of the Heterogeneously Catalyzed Formation oftert-Amyl Ethyl Ether
Linnekoski, Juha A. / Krause, A. Outi / Rihko, Liisa K. | 1997
Fresh Tar (from a Biomass Gasifier) Elimination over a Commercial Steam-Reforming Catalyst. Kinetics and Effect of Different Variables of Operation
Narváez, Ian / Corella, José / Orío, Alberto | 1997
High Selective Conversion of Methane to Carbon Monoxide and the Effects of Chlorine Additives in the Gas and Solid Phases on the Oxidation of Methane on Strontium Hydroxyapatites
Sugiyama, Shigeru / Minami, Toshimitsu / Higaki, Tomonori / Hayashi, Hiromu / Moffat, John B. | 1997
Relationship between Precursor Phase Composition and Performance of Catalyst for Ammonia Synthesis
Huazhang, Liu / Xiaonian, Li | 1997
Influence of Gas-Phase Reactions on the Product Yields Obtained in the Pyrolysis of Polyethylene
Cozzani, Valerio / Nicolella, Cristiano / Rovatti, Mauro / Tognotti, Leonardo | 1997
Kinetics of the Oxidative Degradation of Formaldehyde with Electrogenerated Hypochlorite Ion
Do, Jing-Shan / Yeh, Wen-Chin / Chao, I-Ya | 1997
Multidimensional Modeling of Chemical Vapor Infiltration:  Application to Isobaric CVI
Ofori, John Y. / Sotirchos, Stratis V. | 1997
Performance ofin-SituPhosphatizing Reagents in Solvent-Borne Paints
Yu, Tao / Lin, Chhiu-Tsu | 1997
Low-Order Modeling from Relay Feedback
Wang, Qing-Guo / Hang, Chang-Chieh / Zou, Biao | 1997
Robust Controllers for a Heat Exchanger
Alvarez-Ramirez, Jose / Cervantes, Ilse / Femat, Ricardo | 1997
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Industrial Type IV Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Units for Maximum Gasoline Yield
Ali, Emad E. / Elnashaie, Said S. E. H. | 1997
Zinc, Cadmium, and Lead Separation from Aqueous Streams Using Solid-Phase Extractants
Deorkar, Nandkumar V. / Tavlarides, Lawrence L. | 1997
Determination of Multicomponent Adsorption Equilibria by Liquid Chromatography
Muralidharan, Parangusam K. / Ching, Chi B. | 1997
Extraction of Aromatics from Petroleum Naphtha Reformate by a 1-Cyclohexyl-2-pyrrolidone/Ethylene Carbonate Mixed Solvent
Radwan, Gamil M. / Al-Muhtaseb, Shaheen A. / Dowaidar, Ali M. / Fahim, Mohamed A. | 1997
A Simple Way To Describe Nonisothermal Adsorption Equilibrium Data Using Polynomials Orthogonal to Summation
Taqvi, Syed M. / LeVan, M. Douglas | 1997
Adsorption Behaviors of 2,6- and 2,7-Dimethylnaphthalenes in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Using NaY-Type Zeolite
Uchida, Hirohisa / Iwai, Yoshio / Amiya, Michitaka / Arai, Yasuhiko | 1997
Mathematical Modeling of Sunflower Seed Extraction by Supercritical CO2
Perrut, M. / Clavier, J. Y. / Poletto, M. / Reverchon, E. | 1997
Improved Operational Policies for Batch Extractive Distillation Columns
Safrit, Boyd T. / Westerberg, Arthur W. | 1997
Optimization of Gradient Profiles in Ion-Exchange Chromatography for Protein Purification
Luo, Robert G. / Hsu, James T. | 1997
Application of Photon-Correlation Spectroscopy and Quartz-Crystal Microbalance to the Study of Thermally Stressed Jet Fuel
Vilimpoc, V. / Sarka, B. | 1997
Room Ventilation and Its Influence on the Performance of Fume Cupboards:  A Parametric Numerical Study
Denev, Jordan A. / Durst, Franz / Mohr, Bernhard | 1997
Fundamentals of the Wet-Process Phosphoric Acid Production. 2. Kinetics and Mechanism of CaSO4·0.5H2O Surface Crystallization and Coating Formation
Dorozhkin, Sergey V. | 1997
On the Induction Criterion of the Marangoni Convection at the Gas/Liquid Interface
Lu, Hsin-Hsen / Yang, Yu-Min / Maa, Jer-Ru | 1997
Permeation Breakthrough Models for Associating and Solvating Penetrants in a Membrane
Kasargod, Sameer S. / Barbari, Timothy A. | 1997
Sorption and Diffusion ofn-Pentane in Pellets of 5A Zeolite
Silva, José A. C. / Rodrigues, Alírio E. | 1997
Predictive Methods To Estimate Solvent Free-Volume Parameters and Diffusion Coefficients in Polymer/Solvent Systems
Hong, Seong-Uk | 1997
Shock Layer Theory and Concentration Dependence of the Axial Dispersion and the Mass-Transfer Rate Coefficients
Zhong, Guoming / Sajonz, Peter / Guiochon, Georges | 1997
Spectroscopically Determined Dielectric Constants for Various Esters
Uusi-Penttilä, Marketta S. / Richards, Robert J. / Torgerson, Béatrice A. / Berglund, Kris A. | 1997