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In: Journal of Food Science   ;  75 ,  1  ;  viii  ;  2010

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Rheology and Oxidative Stability of Whey Protein Isolate‐Stabilized Menhaden Oil‐in‐Water Emulsions as a Function of Heat Treatment
Sun, Changhui / Gunasekaran, Sundaram | 2010
Phenolic Composition and Antioxidant Activities of 11 Celery Cultivars
Yao, Yang / Sang, Wei / Zhou, Mengjie / Ren, Guixing | 2010
Analysis of Free‐Radical Scavenging of Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguriensis) using Electron Spin Resonance and Radical‐Induced DNA Damage
Leonard, Stephen S. / Hogans, Vallie J. / Coppes‐Petricorena, Zulema / Peer, Cody J. / Vining, Timothy A. / Fleming, David W. / Harris, Gabriel K. | 2010
Ingredients and pH are Key to Clear Beverages that Contain Whey Protein
LaClair, Caitlin E. / Etzel, Mark R. | 2010
Total Phenolic Compounds, Flavonoids, and Radical Scavenging Activity of 21 Selected Tropical Plants
Mustafa, R.A. / Hamid, A. Abdul / Mohamed, S. / Bakar, F. Abu | 2010
Optimization of the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Mussel Meat
Silva, Vanessa M. / Park, Kil J. / Hubinger, Míriam D. | 2010
Quality Attributes and Microbial Storage Stability of Caviar from Cultivated White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus)
Shin, Joong‐Han / Oliveira, Alexandra C.M. / Rasco, Barbara A. | 2010
Determination of Trace Para Red Residues in Foods through On‐Line Molecularly Imprinted Solid Phase Extraction Coupled with High‐Performance Liquid Chromatography
Xu, Z.X. / Zhou, J. / Zhao, D.Y. / Qiao, X.G. / Yang, J.M. | 2010
Comparison of 3 Spectrophotometric Methods for Carotenoid Determination in Frequently Consumed Fruits and Vegetables
Biehler, Eric / Mayer, Frédéric / Hoffmann, Lucien / Krause, Elmar / Bohn, Torsten | 2010
Headspace Volume and Percentage of Carbon Monoxide Affects Carboxymyoglobin Layer Development of Modified Atmosphere Packaged Beef Steaks
Raines, Christopher R. / Hunt, Melvin C. | 2010
Antioxidant Activity in Barley (Hordeum Vulgare L.) Grains Roasted in a Microwave Oven under Conditions Optimized Using Response Surface Methodology
Omwamba, Mary / Hu, Qiuhui | 2010
Malolactic Fermentation as a Technique for the Deacidification of Hard Apple Cider
Reuss, R.M. / Stratton, J.E. / Smith, D.A. / Read, P.E. / Cuppett, S.L. / Parkhurst, A.M. | 2010
Volatile Compounds and the Changes in Their Concentration Levels during Storage in Beers Containing Varying Malt Concentrations
Tsuji, H. / Mizuno, A. | 2010
Contributions of Muscles of Various Color Stabilities to the Overall Color Stability of Ground Beef
Raines, Christopher R. / Hunt, Melvin C. / Unruh, John A. | 2010
Application of Gelidium corneum Edible Films Containing Carvacrol for Ham Packages
Lim, G.O. / Hong, Y.H. / Song, K.B. | 2010
Influence of Cultivation System on Bioactive Molecules Synthesis in Strawberries: Spin‐off on Antioxidant and Antiproliferative Activity
D'Evoli, L. / Tarozzi, A. / Hrelia, P. / Lucarini, M. / Cocchiola, M. / Gabrielli, P. / Franco, F. / Morroni, F. / Cantelli‐Forti, G. / Lombardi‐Boccia, G. | 2010
Electrospinning of Sodium Alginate‐Pectin Ultrafine Fibers
Alborzi, Solmaz / Lim, Loong‐Tak / Kakuda, Yukio | 2010
Influence of Steeping Solution and Storage Temperature on the Color Change of Garlic
Bae, Song Hwan / Lee, Seog‐Won / Kim, Mi‐Ryung / Kim, Jin Man / Suh, Hyung Joo | 2010
Casein Peptization, Functional Properties, and Sensory Acceptance of Processed Cheese Spreads Made with Different Emulsifying Salts
Cunha, Clarissa R. / Viotto, Walkiria H. | 2010
Alkylpyrazines and Other Volatiles in Cocoa Liquors at pH 5 to 8, by Selected Ion Flow Tube‐Mass Spectrometry (SIFT‐MS)
Huang, Yang / Barringer, Sheryl A. | 2010
Formation of Succinyl Genistin and Succinyl Daidzin by Bacillus Species
Park, Chan Uk / Jeong, Min Kyu / Park, Min Hee / Yeu, JooDong / Park, Myeong Soo / Kim, Mi‐Ja / Ahn, Seon Min / Chang, Pahn‐Shick / Lee, JaeHwan | 2010
Effect of Milk Pretreatment on the Whey Composition and Whey Powder Functionality
Outinen, M. / Rantamäki, P. / Heino, A. | 2010
Rheological and Functional Properties of Catfish Skin Protein Hydrolysates
Yin, Huaixia / Pu, Jianing / Wan, Yuting / Xiang, Bob / Bechtel, Peter J. / Sathivel, Subramaniam | 2010
Antioxidant Properties of Edible Basidiomycete Phellinus igniarius in Submerged Cultures
Lung, Ming Yeou / Tsai, Jie Chung / Huang, Ping Chang | 2010
Effect of Cooking Method (Baking Compared with Frying) on Acrylamide Level of Potato Chips
Palazoğlu, T. Koray / Savran, Derya / Gökmen, Vural | 2010
Effects of Calcium and Pressure Treatment on Thermal Gelation of Soybean Protein
Speroni, F. / Jung, S. / De Lamballerie, M. | 2010
Effect of Feed Liquid Temperature on the Structural Morphologies of d‐Limonene Microencapsulated Powder and Its Preservation
Paramita, V. / Iida, K. / Yoshii, H. / Furuta, T. | 2010
Effect on Orange Juice of Batch Pasteurization in an Improved Pilot‐Scale Microwave Oven
Cinquanta, L. / Albanese, D. / Cuccurullo, G. / Di Matteo, M. | 2010
Rheological Properties of Somen Noodles—A Traditional Japanese Wheat Product
Katagiri, Mina / Kitabatake, Naofumi | 2010
Chemical Composition and Antioxidant, Antimicrobial Activities of the Essential Oils of Thymus marschallianus Will. and Thymus proximus Serg.
Jia, H.L. / Ji, Q.L. / Xing, S.L. / Zhang, P.H. / Zhu, G.L. / Wang, X.H. | 2010
Experimental and Analytical Temperature Distributions during Oven‐Based Convection Heating
McCarthy, Kathryn L. / McCarthy, Michael J. / Rakesh, Vineet / Datta, Ashim K. | 2010
Histological Contribution of Collagen Architecture to Beef Toughness
Nakamura, Y‐N / Tsuneishi, E. / Kamiya, M. / Yamada, A. | 2010
Combination of Super Chilling and High Carbon Dioxide Concentration Techniques Most Effectively to Preserve Freshness of Shell Eggs during Long‐Term Storage
Yanagisawa, T. / Ariizumi, M. / Shigematsu, Y. / Kobayashi, H. / Hasegawa, M. / Watanabe, K. | 2010
Oil Migration in 2‐Component Confectionery Systems
Lee, Winston L. / McCarthy, Michael J. / McCarthy, Kathryn L. | 2010
Evaluation of Nondigested Carbohydrates in Hydroxypropylated Tapioca Starch
Tachibe, M. / Kato, R. / Nishibata, T. / Tashiro, K. / Kishida, T. / Ebihara, K. | 2010
Effect of Dehydration on Raspberries: Polyphenol and Anthocyanin Retention, Antioxidant Capacity, and Antiadipogenic Activity
Mejia‐Meza, E.I. / Yáñez, J.A. / Remsberg, C.M. / Takemoto, J.K. / Davies, N.M. / Rasco, B. / Clary, C. | 2010
α‐Mangostin, A Novel Dietary Xanthone, Suppresses TPA‐Mediated MMP‐2 and MMP‐9 Expressions through the ERK Signaling Pathway in MCF‐7 Human Breast Adenocarcinoma Cells
Lee, Yuan‐Bing / Ko, Kung‐Chung / Shi, Ming‐Der / Liao, Yi‐Chen / Chiang, Tai‐An / Wu, Pei‐Fen / Shih, You‐Xin / Shih, Yuan‐Wei | 2010
a-Mangostin, A Novel Dietary Xanthone, Suppresses TPA-Mediated MMP-2 and MMP-9 Expressions through the ERK Signaling Pathway in MCF-7 Human Breast Adenocarcinoma Cells
Lee, Y. B. / Ko, K. C. / Shi, M. D. / Liao, Y. C. / Chiang, T. A. / Wu, P. F. / Shih, Y. X. / Shih, Y. W. | 2010
Moderate Fish Consumption is Associated with Lower Likelihood of Developing Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction in Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients
Kastorini, C.‐M. / Chrysohoou, C. / Aggelopoulos, P. / Panagiotakos, D. / Pitsavos, C. / Stefanadis, C. | 2010
Acacetin Inhibits TPA-Induced MMP-2 and u-PA Expressions of Human Lung Cancer Cells Through Inactivating JNK Signaling Pathway and Reducing Binding Activities of NF-kB and AP-1
Fong, Y. / Shen, K. H. / Chiang, T. A. / Shih, Y. W. | 2010
Acacetin Inhibits TPA‐Induced MMP‐2 and u‐PA Expressions of Human Lung Cancer Cells Through Inactivating JNK Signaling Pathway and Reducing Binding Activities of NF‐κB and AP‐1
Fong, Yaou / Shen, Kun‐Hung / Chiang, Tai‐An / Shih, Yuan‐Wei | 2010
Identification of a Specific IgE‐Binding Protein from Narrow‐Leafed Lupin (L. Angustifolius) Seeds
Kłos, Patrycja / Poręba, Elżbieta / Springer, Ewa / Lampart‐Szczapa, Eleonora / Józefiak, Anna Goździcka | 2010
Enhancement of Fermentation Process in Pu‐Erh Tea by Tea‐Leaf Extract
Hou, C.W. / Jeng, K.C. / Chen, Y.S. | 2010
Letter to the Editor
| 2010
Thermal Inactivation and Postthermal Treatment Growth during Storage of Multiple Salmonella Serotypes in Ground Beef as Affected by Sodium Lactate and Oregano Oil
Juneja, Vijay K. / Hwang, Cheng‐an / Friedman, Mendel | 2010
Efficacy of Aqueous and Alcohol‐Based Quaternary Ammonium Sanitizers for Reducing Salmonella in Dusts Generated in Almond Hulling and Shelling Facilities
Du, Wen‐Xian / Danyluk, Michelle D. / Harris, Linda J. | 2010
Use of Dacid‐, Dbile‐, zacid‐, and zbile‐Values in Evaluating Bifidobacteria with Regard to Stomach pH and Bile Salt Sensitivity
Jia, Li / Shigwedha, Nditange / Mwandemele, Osmund D. | 2010
Microbial Decontamination of Honey of Indian Origin Using Gamma Radiation and Its Biochemical and Organoleptic Properties
Saxena, Sudhanshu / Gautam, Satyendra / Sharma, Arun | 2010
Selection and Use of Phytate‐Degrading LAB to Improve Cereal‐Based Products by Mineral Solubilization During Dough Fermentation
Anastasio, Marilena / Pepe, Olimpia / Cirillo, Teresa / Palomba, Simona / Blaiotta, Giuseppe / Villani, Francesco | 2010
Microbiological Shelf Life of Pasteurized Milk in Bottle and Pouch
Petrus, R.R. / Loiola, C.G. / Oliveira, C.A.F. | 2010
b-Glucanases as a Tool for the Control of Wine Spoilage Yeasts
Enrique, M. / Ibanez, A. / Marcos, J. F. / Yuste, M. / Martinez, M. / Valles, S. / Manzanares, P. | 2010
β‐Glucanases as a Tool for the Control of Wine Spoilage Yeasts
Enrique, M. / Ibáñez, A. / Marcos, J.F. / Yuste, M. / Martínez, M. / Vallés, S. / Manzanares, P. | 2010
Efficacy of Pressure‐Assisted Thermal Processing, in Combination with Organic Acids, against Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Spores Suspended in Deionized Water and Carrot Puree
Ratphitagsanti, Wannasawat / De Lamo‐Castellvi, Silvia / Balasubramaniam, V.M. / Yousef, Ahmed Elmeleigy | 2010
Characterization and Implications of Enterobacter cloacae Strains, Isolated from Italian Table Olives “Bella Di Cerignola”
Bevilacqua, Antonio / Cannarsi, Marianna / Gallo, Mariangela / Sinigaglia, Milena / Corbo, Maria Rosaria | 2010
Nanocellulose Reinforced Chitosan Composite Films as Affected by Nanofiller Loading and Plasticizer Content
Azeredo, Henriette M.C. / Mattoso, Luiz Henrique C. / Avena‐Bustillos, Roberto J. / Filho, Gino Ceotto / Munford, Maximiliano L. / Wood, Delilah / McHugh, Tara H. | 2010
Crystallization of High‐Amylose Starch by the Addition of Plasticizers at Low and Intermediate Concentrations
Zhang, Yachuan / Han, J.H. | 2010
Allied Industry Approaches to Alter Intramuscular Fat Content and Composition in Beef Animals
Dodson, Michael V. / Jiang, Zhihua / Chen, Jie / Hausman, Gary J. / Guan, Le Luo / Novakofski, Jan / Thompson, David P. / Lorenzen, Carol L. / Fernyhough, Melinda E. / Mir, Priya S. et al. | 2010
Using the Benchmark Dose (BMD) Methodology to Determine an Appropriate Reduction of Certain Ingredients in Food Products
Bi, Jian | 2010
High Hydrostatic Pressure Effects on the Texture of Meat and Meat Products
Sun, Xiang Dong / Holley, Richard A. | 2010
The Influence of Dietary Lutein and Zeaxanthin on Visual Performance
Stringham, James M. / Bovier, Emily R. / Wong, Jennifer C. / Hammond, Jr, Billy R. | 2010
Design of Nano‐Laminated Coatings to Control Bioavailability of Lipophilic Food Components
McClements, David Julian | 2010
Review: Nanocomposites in Food Packaging
Arora, Amit / Padua, G.W. | 2010
Bioavailability and Delivery of Nutraceuticals Using Nanotechnology
Huang, Qingrong / Yu, Hailong / Ru, Qiaomei | 2010
Optimization of Fruit Punch Using Mixture Design
Kumar, S. Bharath / Ravi, R. / Saraswathi, G. | 2010
Analysis of Ingredient Functionality and Formulation Optimization of an Instant Peanut Beverage Mix
Howard, Brandy M. / Hung, Yen‐Con / McWatters, S. Kay | 2010
Effect of Season on the Sensory Quality of Sea Urchin (Evechinus chloroticus) Roe
Phillips, Kylie / Hamid, Nazimah / Silcock, Patrick / Delahunty, Conor / Barker, Mike / Bremer, Phil | 2010
Effect of Different Binders on the Physico‐Chemical, Textural, Histological, and Sensory Qualities of Retort Pouched Buffalo Meat Nuggets
Devadason, I. Prince / Anjaneyulu, A.S.R. / Babji, Y. | 2010
Sensory Characteristics and Consumer Acceptability of Beef Soup with Added Glutathione and/or MSG
Jung, D.W. / Hong, J.H. / Kim, K.O. | 2010
Whey Protein Solution Coating for Fat‐Uptake Reduction in Deep‐Fried Chicken Breast Strips
Dragich, Ann M. / Krochta, John M. | 2010
Assignation of Sweet Cherry Selections to 3 Taste Groupings Based on Perceived Sweetness and Sourness
Ross, Carolyn F. / Chauvin, Maite A. / Whiting, Matthew | 2010
Sensory Quality of Fresh French and Dutch Market Tomatoes: A Preference Mapping Study with Italian Consumers
Sinesio, Fiorella / Cammareri, Maria / Moneta, Elisabetta / Navez, Brigitte / Peparaio, Marina / Causse, Mathilde / Grandillo, Silvana | 2010
Impact of Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles on the Sensory Properties of Concord and Niagara Grape Juice
Weekes, Luan N. / Walsh, Douglas / Ferguson, Holly / Ross, Carolyn F. | 2010
Phosphate Type Affects the Quality of Injected Catfish Fillets
Kin, S. / Schilling, M.W. / Smith, B.S. / Silva, J.L. / Jackson, V. / Kim, T.J. | 2010
Identification and Quantification of Impact Aroma Compounds in 4 Nonfloral Vitis vinifera Varieties Grapes
Fan, Wenlai / Xu, Yan / Jiang, Wenguang / Li, Jiming | 2010
Effects of Boiling on the IgE‐Binding Properties of Tropomyosin of Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei )
Liu, Guang‐Ming / Cheng, Hsiaopo / Nesbit, Jacqueline B. / Su, Wen‐Jin / Cao, Min‐Jie / Maleki, Soheila J. | 2010
Mutagenicity and Safety Evaluation of Water Extract of Coriander sativum Leaves
Reyes, Mariana Ramírez / Reyes‐Esparza, Jorge / Ángeles, Oscar Torres / Rodríguez‐Fragoso, Lourdes | 2010
Removal of Cadmium and Lead from Aqueous Solution by Enterococcus faecium Strains
Topcu, A. / Bulat, T. | 2010
Natural Antioxidants Protect Against Cadmium‐Induced Damage during Pregnancy and Lactation in Rats' Pups
García, María Teresa Antonio / González, Elvira Luján Massó | 2010
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| 2010
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