Research and development at TIB

To develop its services, TIB carries out applied research and development in order to help shape the transformation towards the digitisation of science and technology with the aid of digital services. Research focuses on Data Science and Digital Libraries, Non-textual Materials, Open Science, Scientific Data Mangement and Visual Analytics. The aim of this research is to enable innovative, efficient and seamless access to data, information and knowledge and to structure large information spaces, making them optimally accessible.

Data Science & Digital Libraries

We develop methods and techniques for the semantic networking of data, information and knowledge. More

Visual Analytics

We work on the visualization of data and the interpretation of visual data. More

Scientific Data Management

We explore how large-scaled, heterogeneous data can be processed and analyzed in a decentralized, yet semantically networked manner. More

Open Science

In dialogue with scientific and library communities, we develop new ideas, strategies, working methods and tools in the field of Science 2.0. More

Non-textual materials

We are working on analysis methods, the collection and provision of visual media and the referencing and provision of infrastructure for data collection. More

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

We offer comprehensive consulting, research and support in the areas of knowledge and technology transfer. More

Leibniz Joint Lab

Within the framework of a joint lab, we conduct research in the fields of data science and open knowledge together with Leibniz Universität Hannover and the L3S research centre. More


We develop sustainable digital services for the TIB, increasingly relying on open source, and are happy to share our experience of open source, DevOps, agile processes, automation and other topics in the field of development. More

Project overview

We present our current and completed research and development projects. Mehr