Research and development at TIB

TIB conducts applied research and development to optimise the services it offers. The aim is to ensure that its unique collections, featuring steadily growing data volumes, can be retrieved and searched in a sustainable, future-proof manner. By cooperating with international research institutions, TIB creates the necessary infrastructures and resources, at the same time reinforcing its own innovative capacity.

Key research activities:

Visual Analytics

With a university professorship in Visual Analytics, TIB focuses on visual search and presentation methods. More

Data Science

TIB develops solutions to ensure that growing volumes of data can be retrieved, searched and archived in a sustainable, future-proof manner. More

Non-textual materials

TIB's Competence Centre for Non-Textual Materials (KNM) is of great strategic importance. Here, TIB is engaged in fundamentally improving conditions for accessing and using audiovisual media, 3D objects and research data. More

Open Science

TIB's Open Science Lab (OSL) acts as a special kind of testing ground. In dialogue with scientific library communities, it develops useful strategies, working practices and tools in the area of Science 2.0. More

Research and development projects

Here is an overview of current and completed projects.