Search help

Search term, phrases

A search term may be one or more words. Unless combined with a specific Boolean operator all words will be combined using the AND operator.

Example: silver catalysis

Phrases are marked by double quotation marks.

Example:"silver catalysis"

Boolean operators, parentheses

The Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT are available. Boolean operators have to be entered in uppercase letters. Once used, it is highly recommended to set Boolean operators and parenthesis between all search terms.

Example: silver OR gold) AND catalysis AND NOT homogenous

Wildcards / truncation

Search terms can be modified by the wildcards asterisk * and quotation mark ?. The quotation mark will substitute one single character while the asterisk * substitutes no or any number of characters. Wildcards can be combined in any way and used multiples times within a search term.  Wildcards can not be used in search phrases. Wildcards do not work with relevance ranking.

Example: c?t
Example: laser*

Advanced search

The Advanced search allows searching in the indices Any word, Author, Title and Numbers. Indices can be search separately or combined. Search phrases, Boolean operators and wildcards can be used accordingly. Indices are combined by the AND operator.

  • The index Any word contains title, abstract, author and numbers.
  • The index Author contains authors and contributors.
  • The index Title contains the title of publication and the article title.
  • The index Numbers contains ISBN, ISSN, Report number, German report contract number, and CODEN.