An analysis on the influence of spatial scales on sensible heat fluxes in the north Tibetan Plateau based on Eddy covariance and large aperture scintillometer data (English)

In: THEORETICAL AND APPLIED CLIMATOLOGY   ;  129 ,  3-4  ;  965-976  ;  2017
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Evaluation of TMPA 3B42 Precipitation Estimates during the Passage of Tropical Cyclones over New Caledonia
Deo, A. / Walsh, K. J. / Peltier, A. | 2017
Long-term trend and variability of precipitation in Chhattisgarh State, India
Meshram, S. G. / Singh, V. P. / Meshram, C. | 2017
Evaluation of NCEP TIGGE short-range forecast for Indian summer monsoon intraseasonal oscillation
Tirkey, S. / Mukhopadhyay, P. | 2017
Evaluation of TRMM multi-satellite precipitation analysis (TMPA) against terrestrial measurement over a humid sub-tropical basin, India
Kumar, D. / Gautam, A. K. / Palmate, S. S. / Pandey, A. / Suryavanshi, S. / Rathore, N. / Sharma, N. | 2017
Variances in the projections, resulting from CLIMEX, Boosted Regression Trees and Random Forests techniques
Shabani, F. / Kumar, L. / Solhjouy-fard, S. | 2017
Impacts of four northern-hemisphere teleconnection patterns on atmospheric circulations over Eurasia and the Pacific
Gao, T. / Yu, J. y. / Paek, H. | 2017
Soil temperature modeling at different depths using neuro-fuzzy, neural network, and genetic programming techniques
Kisi, O. / Sanikhani, H. / Cobaner, M. | 2017
Dry spell, onset and cessation of the wet season rainfall in the Upper Baro-Akobo Basin, Ethiopia
Kebede, A. / Diekkrüger, B. / Edossa, D. C. | 2017
Multi-scale variation of the meridional movement of the western Pacific warm pool and its associated large-scale climate features
Zhou, G. / Yang, S. / Zheng, D. | 2017
Evidence for the role of the Atlantic multidecadal oscillation and the ocean heat uptake in hiatus prediction
Pasini, A. / Triacca, U. / Attanasio, A. | 2017
Climatic zoning for the calculation of the thermal demand of buildings in Extremadura (Spain)
Moral, F. J. / Pulido, E. / Ruíz, A. / López, F. | 2017
Effect of reducing the topographical altitude of the Tibetan Plateau on a severe winter drought in eastern China as determined using RAMS
Meng, C. / Ma, Y. / Han, C. / Gou, P. | 2017
Evaluation of the tourism climate in the Hexi Corridor of northwest China’s Gansu Province during 1980–2012
Zhang, F. / Zhang, M. / Wang, S. / Qiang, F. / Che, Y. / Wang, J. | 2017
Estimation of ground heat flux from soil temperature over a bare soil
An, K. / Wang, W. / Wang, Z. / Zhao, Y. / Yang, Z. / Chen, L. / Zhang, Z. / Duan, L. | 2017
Actual evapotranspiration for a reference crop within measured and future changing climate periods in the Mediterranean region
Katerji, N. / Rana, G. / Ferrara, R. M. | 2017
Climate change adaptation: a panacea for food security in Ondo State, Nigeria
Fatuase, A. I. | 2017
Trends of temperature and precipitation extremes in the Loess Plateau Region of China, 1961–2010
Wang, Q. x. / Wang, M. b. / Fan, X. h. / Zhang, F. / Zhu, S. z. / Zhao, T. l. | 2017
An analysis on the influence of spatial scales on sensible heat fluxes in the north Tibetan Plateau based on Eddy covariance and large aperture scintillometer data
Sun, G. / Hu, Z. / Sun, F. / Wang, J. / Xie, Z. / Lin, Y. / Huang, F. | 2017
Impacts of the superimposed climate trends on droughts over 1961–2013 in Xinjiang, China
Li, Y. / Sun, C. | 2017
Rainfall variability and seasonality in northern Bangladesh
Bari, S. H. / Hussain, M. M. / Husna, N. E. | 2017
Building global and diffuse solar radiation series and assessing decadal trends in Girona (NE Iberian Peninsula)
Calbó, J. / González, J. A. / Sanchez-Lorenzo, A. | 2017
Spatiotemporal variability of four precipitation-based drought indices in Xinjiang, China
Li, Y. / Yao, N. / Sahin, S. / Appels, W. M. | 2017
The impacts of a plume-rise scheme on earth system modeling: climatological effects of biomass aerosols on the surface temperature and energy budget of South America
Menezes Neto, O. L. / Coutinho, M. M. / Marengo, J. A. / Capistrano, V. c. | 2017
Effect of diurnal and seasonal temperature variation on Cussac cave ventilation using co2 assessment
Peyraube, N. / Lastennet, R. / Villanueva, J. D. / Houillon, N. / Malaurent, P. / Denis, A. | 2017
Predicting monthly precipitation along coastal Ecuador: ENSO and transfer function models
Guenni, L. B. / García, M. / Muñoz, n. G. / Santos, J. L. / Cedeño, A. / Perugachi, C. / Castillo, J. | 2017
Changes in the rainfall–streamflow regimes related to climate change in a small catchment in Northern Italy
Pieri, L. / Rondini, D. / Ventura, F. | 2017
Climate change and the long-term viability of the World’s busiest heavy haul ice road
Mullan, D. / Swindles, G. / Patterson, T. / Galloway, J. / Macumber, A. / Falck, H. / Crossley, L. / Chen, J. / Pisaric, M. | 2017
Risk assessment of agricultural water requirement based on a multi-model ensemble framework, southwest of Iran
Zamani, R. / Akhond-Ali, A. M. / Roozbahani, A. / Fattahi, R. | 2017
Vulnerabilities of macrophytes distribution due to climate change
Hossain, K. / Yadav, S. / Quaik, S. / Pant, G. / Maruthi, A. Y. / Ismail, N. | 2017
Estimation of sampling error uncertainties in observed surface air temperature change in China
Hua, W. / Shen, S. S. / Weithmann, A. / Wang, H. | 2017
Statistical analysis of the relationship between climate-induced maize yield and rainy-season precipitation across Inner Mongolia, North China
Huang, J. / Chen, X. / Zhou, L. / Xue, Y. / Lin, J. | 2017
Spatial analysis of relative humidity during ungauged periods in a mountainous region
Um, M. J. / Kim, Y. | 2017
Investigating the implications of meteorological indicators of seasonal rainfall performance on maize yield in a rain-fed agricultural system: case study of Mt. Darwin District in Zimbabwe
Mushore, T. / Manatsa, D. / Pedzisai, E. / Muzenda-Mudavanhu, C. / Mushore, W. / Kudzotsa, I. | 2017
Analysis of the change in temperature trends in Subansiri River basin for RCP scenarios using CMIP5 datasets
Goyal, M. K. / Sarma, A. K. | 2017
Drought in Northeast Brazil—past, present, and future
Marengo, J. A. / Torres, R. R. / Alves, L. M. | 2017
Classification of typical summer rainfall patterns in the East China monsoon region and their association with the East Asian summer monsoon
Yang, L. / Zhao, J. / Feng, G. | 2017
Effective crop evapotranspiration measurement using time-domain reflectometry technique in a sub-humid region
Srivastava, R. K. / Panda, R. K. / Halder, D. | 2017
Spatial and temporal variation in daily temperature indices in summer and winter seasons over India (1969–2012)
Kumar, N. / Jaswal, A. K. / Mohapatra, M. / Kore, P. A. | 2017
Robust intensification of hydroclimatic intensity over East Asia from multi-model ensemble regional projections
Im, E. S. / Choi, Y. W. / Ahn, J. B. | 2017
Rain gauge network evaluation and optimal design using spatial correlation approach in arid and semi-arid regions of Iran
Nazaripour, H. / Mansouri Daneshvar, M. R. | 2017
Dynamical downscaling of regional climate over eastern China using RSM with multiple physics scheme ensembles
Peishu, Z. / Jianping, T. / Shuyu, W. / Lingyun, X. / Jianwei, Y. / Yunqian, Z. / Xiaorui, N. / Chao, L. | 2017
Trends in temperature extremes over nine integrated agricultural regions in China, 1961–2011
Wu, X. / Wang, Z. / Zhou, X. / Lai, C. / Chen, X. | 2017
Regional maximum rainfall analysis using L-moments at the Titicaca Lake drainage, Peru
Fernández-Palomino, C. A. / Lavado-Casimiro, W. S. | 2017
Trends in the seasonal length and opening dates of a winter road in the western James Bay region, Ontario, Canada
Hori, Y. / Gough, W. A. / Butler, K. / Tsuji, L. J. | 2017
Development of agroclimatic zoning model to delimit the potential growing areas for macaw palm (Acrocomia aculeata)
Falasca, S. / Ulberich, A. / Pitta-Alvarez, S. | 2017
Enhanced propagation of rainfall kinetic energy in the UK
Diodato, N. / Bellocchi, G. | 2017
Suitability assessment and mapping of Oyo State, Nigeria, for rice cultivation using GIS
Ayoade, M. A. | 2017
Carbon dioxide seasonality in dynamically ventilated caves: the role of advective fluxes
Lang, M. / Faimon, J. / Godissart, J. / Ek, C. | 2017
Impact of absorbing aerosol deposition on snow albedo reduction over the southern Tibetan plateau based on satellite observations
Lee, W. L. / Liou, K. N. / He, C. / Liang, H. C. / Wang, T. C. / Li, Q. / Liu, Z. / Yue, Q. | 2017
Trend analysis of air temperature time series in Greece and their relationship with circulation using surface and satellite data: recent trends and an update to 2013
Feidas, H. | 2017
Assessment of the ARW-WRF model over complex terrain: the case of the Stellenbosch Wine of Origin district of South Africa
Soltanzadeh, I. / Bonnardot, V. r. / Sturman, A. / Quénol, H. / Zawar-Reza, P. | 2017