System, Method and Apparatus for Managing Co-Channel Interference (English)

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A system, method, and apparatus for managing interference are presented. The interference may be between i) a fixed wireless link, FL, formed by a first FL node and a second FL node which communicate at a frequency f1 and ii) a radio access network, RAN, node. The method may comprise the first FL node monitoring radio link quality, QL, of fixed wireless link signals at f1. The first FL node may determine whether QL is worse than a predetermined QL threshold. If QL is worse than the predetermined QL threshold, the first FL node may measure, during a silent period, how much one or more signals transmitted from the RAN node 108 interferes with the first FL node at the f1. The first FL node may transmit, to an interference mitigation controller, interference measurement information which indicates how much the RAN node interferes with the first FL node at f1.